Zainab Balogun Nwachukwu said she is not in the game for Fame , Showbiz or Social Media Numbers.

Zainab Balogun Nwachukwu said she is not in the game for Fame , Showbiz or Social Media Numbers.

Zainab Balogun is not interested in celebrity, show business, or social media followings.

The actress talks candidly about how she launched her acting career, what success means to her, and her new life in the UK.

Last Call, which opens in theaters this week, has an intriguing premise even by Nollywood standards.

First of all, the majority of the movie is set in a single, dimly illuminated radio station setting a caller. Claims well-known radio host Hauwa of being the head of an online mob that has caused a suicide on. Live radio hauwa is just going about her business and things get out of hand.

However the actress who plays Hauwa, Zainab Balogun, told Pulse Nigeria, “The first thing that attracted me was this notion. Of being able to create such a chaotic environment in a very limited space and time and in a space where you wouldn’t really expect it.”

Where on live radio could one discover a situation similar to this with ransom? Thus, it was like, “Wow!” for me. This is absurd,” she continued.

The character is representative of the ability of social media to highlight the views of a select few and launch. A constant assault on any victim that the mob deems worthy of their wrath in this instance, Hauwa’s opinions—while. Seemingly casual—become the ultimate truth because to the influence of stan culture and groupthink.

“I believe that in a situation like this, everyone is compelled to take stock of their roles and acknowledge their contributions to the events that have occurred,” Balogun stated.

Balogun, who has lived in the UK for the majority of her life, also had to learn pidgin for the part, which is not her first language. I mean, I had very little pidgin before the movie. Only you, a tiny bit of this here and there,” she remarked.

However, having the encouragement of other team members to tell me, “Hey, OK, we’ve got to switch your inflection a little bit here,” or, “This is the true explanation or a definition of this particular proverb,” was incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable.

Her first appearance on screen was as a featured extra in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. She is the daughter of Nigerian immigrants living in the UK. The experience of working alongside Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, and Samuel L. Jackson on set altered her perspective. However, Bale’s acting technique was especially superb. She mentioned that he had stayed true to his role the entire day on set, which is a well-known technique that many Hollywood actors are reputed to have followed to help them deliver great performances.

“I felt like I could also contribute and create in it after watching this man stay in character the entire time and realizing the gravity of what was being created,” the woman remarked.


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