Zikky Alloy’s directorial debut “Feud” out now on YouTube Luna Tv NG.

Zikky Alloy's directorial debut "Feud" out now on YouTube Luna Tv NG.

LunaTVNG on YouTube is currently streaming Zikky Alloy’s directorial debut, “Feud.”

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However with its intense exploration of the intensity of a long-standing feud between two siblings in the home of their younger brother, “Feud” is a thought-provoking picture that dives into the intricate mechanics of human relationships. However it is an emotionally exhilarating ride.

With skillful portrayals of the subtleties of each brother’s character moreover as they struggle with the weight of tradition, “Feud” unearths furthermore the long-standing grudges and tensions that have festered over generations.

“Feud” focuses on the eternal themes of forgiveness, atonement, and however the enduring strength of human ties through outstanding performances and breathtaking photography (Ezicfilmworks).

However the narrative tests our ideas of what is good and bad as it progresses, but at the end, it gives us hope that the scars of the past will eventually heal.

“Feud” is a must-watch for people who value the craft of storytelling and the investigation of the human spirit because of its writer’s (Demola Drogba) captivating narrative and superb storytelling.

Moreoever this film promises to have a lasting effect on its viewers and is a credit to the skill and inventiveness of the production crew.

Featuring all of your favorite actors, including the current Best Actor in Africa (#afriff2023) Greg “Teddy Bear” Ojefua, the stunning Susan Festus, the humorous Onyeka Fiaka, and the multifaceted Zikky Alloy, Feud marks the professional director’s maiden film debut.

However the video will debut on the LunaTVNG YouTube site on December 15, 2023. Enjoy this season with your family and loved ones by subscribing to LunaTVNG on YouTube, as Lunamedia is preparing to deliver high-quality programming.

Feud has been a labor of love for every challenge accepted and every barrier overcome. Prepare to sense the rush of devotion in your veins very soon.

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“Teddy Bear” Greg Ojefua

Festus Susan

The Onyeka Fiaka

Zikky Alloy

Akande Hezekiah

Demola Drogba

Osaze Raphael Eyerin


#LunaTVNG’s Feature

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