2001 Nollywood Classic Blockbuster ” Issakaba” returns for a Sequel with Sam Dede as Ebube.

2001 Nollywood Classic Blockbuster " Issakaba" returns for a Sequel with Sam Dede as Ebube.

With Sam Dede playing Ebube, the 2001 action classic “Issakaba” makes a comeback.

In the director’s chair again is Lancelot Imasuen. Two new cast members are Chidi Mokeme and Unusual Phyna.

Furthermore the iconic “Issakaba” film from 2001 is getting a sequel.

Moreover the news was announced this morning, Saturday, January 27, 2024, by actor Sam Dede via an Instagram post. Directing once more is Lancelot Imasuen.

Speaking briefly about the project was Dede, who is returning as the main character. “ISSAKABA!!! The Myth returns. A RIVER DOES NOT FLOW THROUGH A FOREST WITHOUT BRINGING DOWN TREES. Men with evil minds lurk in the dark. But….. JUSTICE IS MINE” , shouted the man.

However the beginning of primary photography has also been confirmed by publicly available video snippets.

Unusual Phyna, an alum of Big Brother Naija, and Chidi Mokeme have reportedly joined the cast, according to Shock Ng.

Anagrammatically named after Bakassi, Issakaba is based on the vigilante community gang known as the Bakassi Boys, who claim to battle against crimes including armed robberies and murder cases that cause terror and panic in the neighborhood.

Armed robbers who terrorize their town had to be defeated by the Issakaba Boys, commanded by Ebube (Dede). Ebube and his group of Issakaba Boys gained abilities that allowed them to combat the armed robbers since they were supported by mystical powers (charm).

23 years after the release of the first installment, the critically acclaimed Nigerian action franchise Issakaba returns. The next project is not a remake; rather, it is a sequel.

As fans can’t wait to see their favorite action hero back on screen, “Issakaba: The Return” is predicted to be a box office hit. However many people have expressed their anticipation and enthusiasm for the film on social media, which has already created a lot of hype. It’s even been dubbed the most anticipated Nollywood film of 2024 by some.

Thus, if you’re searching for some thrilling, action-packed entertainment, be sure to check out “Issakaba: The Return” as soon as possible. You won’t regret it!

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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